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Lagestee Land Management

Lagestee Land Management

Pioneers in Land Management

Defining Groundwork Excellence

Founded in 2020, Lagestee Land Management rapidly grew from modest residential clearings to becoming a trusted name in the excavation, land clearing, and demolition industry in Northwest, Indiana, and across the Midwest. Our reputation is rooted in our unrelenting commitment to perfection, illustrated by our passion for safe, efficient, and high-quality service delivery. Our approach sets us apart, valuing safety, accountability, and integrity above all else.

Specialists in Midwest Excavation

Proudly serving Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa. Lagestee Land Management provides comprehensive land management solutions tailored to our client’s unique requirements.

Land Clearing

Our land clearing services cover electrical transmission line clearing, pipeline clearing, and more, with a key focus on safety and punctuality.


We offer both residential and commercial excavation services, including grading, utilities, and septic system installations.


We specialize in residential demolition and the safe removal of structures damaged by weather or fire.

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Ready for impeccable excavation, land clearing, or demolition services in Northwest Indiana? Reach out to Lagestee Land Management. We’re excited to understand your needs and show you the true meaning of “Fueled by Passion”. We guarantee to deliver results that exceed expectations, so don’t hesitate. Contact us today to transform your land management goals into reality.