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At Lagestee Land Management, we pride ourselves on delivering a vast array of expert services, from full-service excavation to residential demolition to the St. John area. Our seasoned team brings precision to every project, be it utility work, site preparation, water main installation, or complete demolition and clean-up for residential properties. With our state-of-the-art equipment fleet, we can handle everything from sewer tap procedures to grading and demolition of an entire house or barn. If you’re in need of an excavation contractor or septic tank installation, we’ve got you covered. Our residential and commercial excavation services ensure that your land is primed and ready, while our demolition services guarantee efficient removal, whether due to fire damage or other needs.
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Choosing Lagestee Land Management isn’t just about hiring an excavation company; it’s about partnering with a team fueled by passion. Our crew is continuously trained, ensuring tasks are performed safely and effectively. We set rigorous quality standards, ensuring each site meets our criteria for quality before considering the job done. Our ability to seamlessly communicate with stakeholders sets us apart, guaranteeing your project remains on track. When you need excavation or demolition services that prioritize safety, accountability, and integrity, you need Lagestee Land Management.

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Our reputation has been built on delivering superior service that not just meets, but often surpasses client expectations.

Frequent Asked Questions

Excavation refers to the process of digging, moving, or removing earth, rocks, and other materials from a site for various purposes, such as construction, landscaping, or utility installations.
Excavation is commonly required for construction projects, including building foundations, basements, swimming pools, and utility trenches. It is also utilized in landscaping to create ponds, grade land, or install drainage systems.

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