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In order to save time, money, and effort while assuring a successful and sustainable project, it is vital to hire an experienced land-clearing contractor in Valparaiso, IN—whether you are planning a residential, commercial, or industrial land development. For that reason, you need our team here at Lagestee Land Management!

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Here at Lagestee Land Management, we like to “Think Big—Work Local.” It sums up how we approach our business. Our clients are inspired to dream large and achieve ambitious goals when it comes to land management projects because we think big, too. At the same time, our focus on operating locally emphasizes the significance of maintaining a connection to the distinct qualities and needs of every location in which we operate.


We can provide more sustainable and meaningful solutions that genuinely help our clients and the environment by being aware of and respectful of the local environment, communities, and terrain. To find out more about the land-clearing services our team offers, contact us at 708-253-7700.

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Our Extensive Land Clearing Services

As a premier land-clearing contractor in Valparaiso, IN, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of effective land-clearing services. That’s because our team is committed to going above and beyond to satisfy your individual requirements when it comes to land clearing. We have refined our abilities and knowledge over our years in land clearing, excavation, and other related fields, allowing us to provide first-rate outcomes for projects of any scale.


When you hire us for land clearing, we’ll use a variety of strategies to safely and effectively remove any unwanted trees, stumps, vegetation, or debris from your property. Some examples of these land clearing services include, but are not limited to:


  • Electrical Transmission Line Clearing
  • Pipeline Clearing
  • Right of Way Mowing
  • Infrastructure Clearing
  • Infrastructure Clearing
  • Lot Clearing
  • Forestry Mulching
  • Railroad Right of Way Maintenance
  • Site Access Solutions

Whatever land-clearing task you throw at us, from grading and excavation to forestry mulching, we have the tools and expertise to complete it expertly. Using cutting-edge techniques to keep the local ecosystem as undisturbed as possible, we make environmental protection and worker safety our top priorities in all that we do. To find out more, contact Lagestee Land Management now!

The Importance of Quality Land Clearing

For any project to be a success, it is essential to hire a reliable land-clearing contractor in Valparaiso, IN. Clearing land is the first stage in getting a site ready for building, cultivation, or any other kind of development. The project’s stability and security are at risk if the land is not cleared appropriately.


Lagestee Land Management is a reliable local land-clearing company with the experience, training, and specialized equipment to clear the area swiftly and effectively while considering environmental factors and local, state, and federal requirements. Development can proceed without a hitch when the site is appropriately cleared of trees, debris, and other obstacles.

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Our reputation has been built on delivering superior service that not just meets, but often surpasses client expectations.

Frequent Asked Questions

Excavation refers to the process of digging, moving, or removing earth, rocks, and other materials from a site for various purposes, such as construction, landscaping, or utility installations.
Excavation is commonly required for construction projects, including building foundations, basements, swimming pools, and utility trenches. It is also utilized in landscaping to create ponds, grade land, or install drainage systems.

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Choose Lagestee Land Management, a dependable land-clearing contractor in Valparaiso, IN, when you are all set to begin your land management project! Call us at 708-253-7700 during regular business hours or fill out our easy online form to get in touch with our team. We are eager to ensure the full completion of your next land-clearing project.