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At Lagestee Land Management, we offer comprehensive excavation services for residential and commercial projects alike. Our expertise includes utility excavation, site preparation, grading, and septic system installation. Whether you need water main installation, sewer line repair, or foundation excavation for a new build, we are equipped to deliver superior results. Our qualified and experienced team takes on complex challenges such as trenching and site construction with professionalism and adherence to safety.
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We stand out as an excavation company because of our commitment to excellence, safety, and integrity. Our team is continuously trained in new techniques and safety measures to provide top-quality service. Our communication lines are always open, ensuring smooth coordination on every project. We won’t leave a site until it meets our high standards of quality, making us the trusted excavation contractor for various projects in St. John, Indiana, and across the Midwest.

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Our reputation has been built on delivering superior service that not just meets, but often surpasses client expectations.

Frequent Asked Questions

Excavation refers to the process of digging, moving, or removing earth, rocks, and other materials from a site for various purposes, such as construction, landscaping, or utility installations.
Excavation is commonly required for construction projects, including building foundations, basements, swimming pools, and utility trenches. It is also utilized in landscaping to create ponds, grade land, or install drainage systems.

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For all your excavation needs in Northwest Indiana reach out to Lagestee Land Management. Our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment are prepared to take on any project size. Let’s discuss your project and how our services can facilitate its successful completion. Contact us today.